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2 Calories Oil Spray

Easily dose the amount of oil with the Oil Spray – perfect for cooking, baking, and more


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Only 2 Calories per serving1
Perfect for weight loss
Neutral Flavour


  • Lose weight
  • Healthy living

Calorie-conscious cooking with our 2 kcal Oil Spray. Effortlessly manage your oil intake with this convenient spray, ensuring you never overdo it on calories and fat. Whether you're cooking sweet or savoury dishes, on the stove or grill, for greasing or flavouring, this way you can easily maintain low oil and calorie levels while still savouring your favourite meals!

  • Only 2 kcal per serving(¹)
  • Neutral-Tasting rapeseed oil
  • Up to 800 sprays per can
  • Heat-Resistant up to 210°C
  • Perfect for cooking and baking


Rapeseed oil 97,5%, Emulsifier (Lecithins (Rapeseed))


Oil Spray Key Facts

Only 2 kcal 1

Ideal for diet phases and conscious nutrition


Taste-neutral rapeseed oil, suitable for sweet and savoury meals


High content of unsaturated fatty acids

Even application

Thanks to the fine spray attachment for a thin, even oil film


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ESN Oil Spray – only 2 kcal¹

Whether it's a vegetable stir-fry or protein muffins - for most dishes, pans or baking tins have to be greased so that nothing burns or sticks. Instead of a little, more oil than planned usually ends up in the hot pan and therefore more calories and fat on the food - very inconvenient during diet phases! With our oil spray, this is now a thing of the past: The fine spray attachment helps you spray a thin, even film of oil onto your pans, baking tins, etc. This means you need less oil for the same effect and consume fewer calories - just 2 kcal to be precise. 1 Our 2-calorie oil spray also has a particularly high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which you can benefit from.

2-calorie oil spray – for easier enjoyment

Whether sweet protein waffles or spicy vegetables, pan-fried dishes or grilled dishes, for greasing or for more flavor - with our Oil Spray you can easily keep the amount of oil and calories low and still enjoy all your favorite recipes!

Long-lasting spray oil

Our oil spray also impresses with its integrated bag-on-valve system: With this system, the compressed air used as a propellant for spraying does not come into contact with the oil itself. This is the reason why our oil spray for cooking and baking can be consumed up until the best-before date, even if it has been opened. This means you can benefit from around 800 portions 1 per spray bottle without any worries! So what are you waiting for? Buy oil spray and enjoy it more consciously!

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One spray of our Oil Spray contains only 2 kcal. 1

Yes, thanks to the taste-neutral rapeseed oil base, our oil spray is perfect for both sweet and savory dishes.

Thanks to the bag-on-valve system, the compressed air used as a propellant for spraying does not come into contact with the oil. This means that the oil spray stays fresh even after opening, up until the best-before date.

One spray bottle of our Oil Spray provides about 800 servings. 1

1 One serving corresponds to a spray of ¼ second and contains approximately 0.25 ml of oil.