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Cyclic Dextrin

Immediately available, long-lasting carbohydrate power


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Perfect carbohydrate source
Immediate and sustained release
High Bioavailability


  • Endurance
  • Muscle building
Supercharge with super carbs - with our Cyclic Dextrin. Our highly branched, cyclic dextrin is the ideal way to supercharge your body with immediately available, long-lasting carbohydrate power for maximum performance. How do you do it? Simply mix with water or a drink of your choice and use as an effective source of energy before, during or after training. Ready for super carbs?

  • Pure, cyclic dextrin (Cluster Dextrin™)
  • High-quality source of energy 
  • High bioavailability
  • Ideal before, during & after training


Highly branched cyclic dextrin


Cyclic Dextrin Key Facts


Well-tolerated, immediately available and long-lasting energy source

Optimal recording

Pure, highly branched, cyclic dextrin is absorbed faster than other carbohydrate sources

Energy source

Ideal before, during and after training

Neutral Flavor

Tasteless Cyclic Dextrin – ideal for mixing with water or in your favorite drink

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ESN Cyclic Dextrin

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level and push your limits? Then our Cyclic Dextrin with 97 g of valuable carbohydrates per 100 g of powder is ideal for you to get the most out of your training. How? Through the ideal energy boost from valuable carbs. But our Cyclic Dextrin is not an ordinary carbohydrate source. It is highly branched, cyclic dextrin, also known as Cluster Dextrin™. This unique carbohydrate is well tolerated and provides your body with immediately available and long-lasting energy without the sharp rise in blood sugar levels as with dextrose or maltodextrin. And the best part:

Cyclex Dextrin offers ideal absorption and high bioavailability so that your body can absorb it optimally – the perfect basis for a constant energy level during your performance.


Add it to your drinks

Our Cyclic Dextrin powder is easy to integrate into your routine because it is tasteless. So you can just mix it into water, your favorite drink or your shake without affecting the taste. And by the way: Cyclic Dextrin is ideally soluble and 100% vegan. So give it a try and charge your drinks with an extra portion of carb power!

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Dextrin, especially highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), is produced from the hydrolysis of starch and is characterized by a special cyclic structure. It offers you a long-lasting release of glucose in the bloodstream.

With the recommended serving size of 60 g, you can support your body 15 times with Cyclic Dextrin with one bag.

Our Cyclic Dextrin is ideal before, during and after training.

There are many good reasons for taking dextrin:

Faster energy supply without feeling full: Particularly beneficial during intense training sessions when the body needs energy quickly without feeling full or experiencing stomach discomfort due to a heavy meal during the session.

Improved endurance and performance:Taking Cyclic Dextrin can improve endurance and delay fatigue.

Supporting recovery:The fast and efficient supply of energy to the muscles supports the recovery processes after training.

High bioavailability and optimal absorption:Cyclic Dextrin is efficiently absorbed and utilized by the body, making it an excellent carbohydrate source for athletes looking to optimize their nutrition and energy intake.