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Athlete Squad Cropped T-Shirt

Cropped T-shirt in an oversized fit


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Oversized and Cropped
Reflective Logo-Outline
Athlete Squad Collection


Welcome to the Athlete Squad - with the ESN Athlete Squad Cropped Oversize T-Shirt. Experience ultimate comfort and style with casual highlights. Perfect as a pump cover for the gym and everyday wear.

  •  Cropped T-shirt in oversize fit
  •  With round neckline
  •  Logo print with reflective outline
  •  100% cotton

Athlete Squad Cropped T-Shirt Key Facts

Oversized fit

Oversized T-shirt with cropped length

Stylish look

ESN logo print with reflective outline


100% cotton

For all occasions

Perfect for the gym, but also everyday life

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We have outlined the ESN logo on the front with a reflective outline, which means that it reflects depending on the light and you can be seen even on dull and dark days. Another highlight is the wide round neckline, which gives you the freedom of movement you need.

The Athlete Squad Cropped T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton.

This collection combines premium materials with ultimate style. Each piece is a statement of power, endurance and team spirit. Whether you're setting new PRs in the gym, running new personal bests on the track or showing off your athleticism in everyday life - with our Athlete Squad Collection you're ready for any challenge. Be part of the squad - with our Athlete Squad Collection.