Made for hybrid athletes

A revolution for your performance.

Push Harder. Endure Longer. Return Faster.

We have developed unique products with leading experts and world-class athletes to maximize your endurance performance . We are the first company in the world to use innovative bioactive Endurance Peptides that increase your performance by up to 14% in 12 weeks.

The base

The daily basis for every hybrid athlete.

Perfect Base

Our Perfect Base increases your speed and performance in endurance sports.

Set the basis for personal bests!

  • 14% faster in 12 weeks
  • Better oxygen supply & regeneration
  • Daily optimal hydration & nutrient supply
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Our clear protein lemonade with up to 25 g protein per serving, without sugar, fat & lactose.

Your protein support

  • Clear whey isolate
  • Up to 25 g protein
  • Fat, sugar & lactose free
  • Support for muscle building & maintenance
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The performance

The innovative pre-workout booster for hybrid athletes

Perfect Pre

Our Perfect Pre gives you the boost you need before training and competition.

Boost your performance to the next level!

  • Better oxygen supply
  • Improved lactate buffering
  • Perfect energy supply
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Cyclic dextrin

Immediately available, long-lasting carbohydrate power.

  • Pure, cyclic dextrin (Cluster Dextrin™)
  • High-quality energy source
  • High bioavailability
  • Ideal before, during & after training
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Electrolyte powder

The special carbohydrate-electrolyte matrix improves water absorption during training and thus actively contributes to keeping your endurance performance constant.

  • Better hydration & performance
  • With potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium & chloride
  • For muscle function & energy metabolism
  • Ideal before, during & after training
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The recovery

The support for hybrid athletes to get back to performance faster.

Perfect Rec

Our Perfect Rec ensures maximum regeneration until the next training session.

Recover faster and bounce back sooner!

  • Maximum regeneration & less muscle soreness
  • Replenishment of glycogen stores
  • Improved blood circulation & lactate removal
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Our Hydorade provides you with the most important electrolytes and vitamins that you need during your training and in everyday life for better hydration and performance.

  • Ready-to-drink sports drink for training & everyday life
  • With valuable electrolytes & vitamins
  • Better hydration & performance2
  • Supports muscle function & energy metabolism
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Minerals and Vitamins Support

The support for hybrid athletes to be efficient and healthy in the long term.

Athlete Stack Men

All essential vitamins and selected minerals for hybrid athletes.

  • With vitamins, minerals & trace elements
  • Especially for men
  • Ideal for increased demand
  • For training & everyday life
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Athlete Stack Women

All essential vitamins and selected minerals for hybrid athletes.

  • With vitamins, minerals & trace elements
  • Especially for women
  • Ideal for increased demand
  • For training & everyday life
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Omega-3 capsules

With our Omega-3 capsules you supply your body with valuable fatty acids and lay the foundation for maximum performance and regeneration.

  • High-dose EPA & DHA
  • 1200 mg EPA & 900 mg DHA per serving4
  • Supports heart, brain & more
  • Support for performance & regeneration
  • For training & everyday life
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Ashwagandha capsule: Ashwa+

The ideal support you need during tough workouts or a stressful everyday life.

  • Patented Ashwagandha KSM-66®
  • With magnesium, vitamin B6 & zinc
  • Without artificial additives
  • For training & everyday life
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